The Trouble with Bombs and Butterflies is the relationship they have in the mind of Michaella Costa.

At 19, her musical sense and deceptively light hearted vocals, are a clever foil to the thought provoking lyrics that are the underpinning to the tapestry she weaves with her artistry in rhythm and harmony.

As a newcomer to the music scene, her vibes have graced the stage and consistently filled the room at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood, private events and most recently, the Sennheiser Booth at the 2016 NAMM show followed by a SOLD OUT performance at  "Live at the Lounge" in Hermosa Beach. She has engendered a rapidly growing following and will be playing selective engagements throughout 2016.

Comfortable both on stage as well as the recording studio, Michaella will be pleasing audiences locally while creating her first releases through video and audio content. An avid illustrator and painter as well, you can expect multimedia releases from this girl to compliment and bolster her musical works. Michaella’s love for God’s creation in all of its forms, especially dogs and bears, is evident in her compassion and desire to serve and give to others.

So come on in, grab some tea and honey, sit back and have a listen, join her as she performs live and carry her with you as her infectious stylings linger in your heart and mind.

This young lady has a wealth to share so follow her, check in on her website often. Sign up to become a fan and hang on, it’s gonna be a fun ride!