Green tea! That’s what I’ve got. I’ve managed to keep my house cool and fresh on this hot and dry Tuesday, so I’m drinking hot green tea with a good dose of honey and as a result (as long as tea involved) my heart is happy. You should cozy up with some tea of your own, it'll be worth it! :) 

I tried running today, I usually am able to fit in 3-4 miles (ok,3) before burning out, but because of this day’s dry weather my asthma kicked in so I’m hoping that I got as far as 2, I don’t have anything to tell me what I accomplished so I’m guesstimating. I don’t have serious asthma, but when it’s dry and hot and I’m exerting myself it likes to show its ugly little face.

So I’ve had a breakthrough! Thanks to the Lord Almighty, he’s given me a change of heart and perspective when it comes to practicing music. I finally love the feeling of learning, I can’t even begin to explain how huge that is for me. Instead of worrying and getting frustrated about not being at the skill level I wish to be, I’m finally taking my time, presenting to the world what I have presently, and meanwhile working on my craft.

I have other exciting news, but it’s going to have to start with some backstory: I love to draw and paint. Watercolor and ink are my favorite mediums to work with. Something I’ve learned to appreciate about art this past year is how self-dependent it is, if that makes sense. When creating a song with other musicians, it can be difficult to interpret the sound I want as a novice amongst experienced artists. It takes time to connect with them, to understand each other, which is an awesome adventure on its own, but it can feel like you’re trapped with ideas in your head when you don’t have the immediate skills to accomplish it alone.

What I love about drawing and painting is that it’s dependent on yourself, you create the image without having to explain your ideas to anyone else. Music has a lot of complexities, don’t even get me started about music theory. It can sometimes feel like falling into the rabbit hole. Art can arguably be the same, but it doesn’t require remembering what the 13 of a G chord is (Dave (my guitar/music instructor) if you’re reading this, I forgot and I’m sorry). Art is your own quiet, personal experience that you need only yourself to discover and understand.

As I wrote that, a little voice in my head just made me realize that music works basically the same way, which is kind of throwing off the point I’m trying to make, but all I’m saying that with painting and drawing it’s all on you. Ugh, “music is all on you, too” the voice in my head is saying. I’m just trying to say that I don’t need anyone else to compose a painting while in my present skill-set, adding composition to one of my songs requires other musicians. IT GIVES ME PEACE AND IT’S THERAPEUTIC. SO IS SONGWRITING AND CREATING MUSIC. I can’t win this fight in my head, I see that now. I’m done here.

Looooooong story short, growing up I’ve loved the idea of animating as well as becoming a touring singer/songwriter. Creating storyboards for Pixar was the dream. However, I leaned more towards music, pushing aside animating as a hobby for later in life, but my father had an amazing idea: animate my first music video! So that’s what I’m going to do! I’ve been happily doodling away with different character ideas. Here’s a picture of the first fluid “movement” I did of myself (of course it’d be of me drinking tea, what else?). I have no idea what the lingo for this type of concept art is, unless it’s just concept art…. anyways here it is. Sorry it's a bit blurry.

The goal is to have this up and running in the fall of this year, so look forward to that! I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to realize both of my dreams. Thanks again for reading, see you in two weeks!

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