So I found this new tea called Rooibos (I guess it’s pronounced Roy-boss, so… yeah… fun fact of the day…) and it’s nice to have it at night since it’s calming and makes you feel fuzzy and happy inside, my favorite kind of feeling! It tastes like it could be the nighttime, caffeine free version of breakfast tea, and I’m digging it. That’s what I’m currently downing while typing away in an attempt to catch up with this blog.

               I feel like that kid starting their first day of school determined to get it right this time around and keep up with their grades and school work. You know how it is when you go school supply shopping, it’s so exciting! You have all these pens and pencils and other tools and then you begin imagining yourself in a montage of working hard and being studious and pulling all-nighters because you’re inspired of how cool your new school gear is. But sometimes things fall through, and the initial excitement of your new stuff can fade, and then you lose some pens and pencils and you’re not as inspired anymore. This is another thing I’m learning about myself, because this description is me through and through. It’s like I have an infatuation with new ideas and dreams without really falling in love with the commitment of working hard to reach them. On my first blog I told you about this little agenda that I got that I was sure would help motivate me to organize my time. That fell through. I’ve learned that there isn’t a quick fix, you have to learn about your flaws, and decide to be strong enough to push through that “infatuation stage” and commit to growing. No agenda or other material object can do that for you, no matter how cute. And I’m telling you that little planner was freaking adorable.

               That being said, let me catch you up on what’s been going on! Recently I performed at the NAMM show representing Sennheiser.. I want to give a huge thank you to Jay Tinsky for introducing me to Sennheiser, and to Sennheiser for allowing me to perform at their booth, and to my amazing musicians who help make the music come to life: Mark, Lucas, and Leo. There were so many people, I saw the back of Stevie Wonder’s head; that was fantastic. It was an overall overwhelming experience full of excitement and at the same time just being flat out overwhelmed! I’m not the biggest fan of conventions, but I absolutely loved performing and am beyond grateful for the opportunity given me.

                Now I need your help, I've been nominated for the Deli Magazine's Emerging Artist of 2015. Winning this could potentially assist the forward of my career, as I could get exposure to new ears and win other very useful prizes. If you're interested, here's the steps that you can follow to submit your vote:

STEP 1: Head on over to this link

STEP 2: The third column to the right has a list of different genres that you can vote for, scroll down to "singer'songwriter" and click on "vote'

STEP 3: This is where you can decide to vote for another talented artist or for myself (Michaella), either way choose an artist and submit your vote!

This poll closes Febraury 16, 2016 at 9pm, your support would mean so much to me!

Alright, this self-promoting feels very strange, but I gotta get myself out there one way or another! If you feel extra-inspired, feel free to spread the word to your friends and family. Who knows! Maybe you can say that you were a part of history and helped me make the big time! Either way, I can't tell you how much I will appreciate your support :) 

As always, thank you to those who read these, I'm going to be that kid that kept up with her homework and have another post in two weeks! Until next time!