Welcome to the House Concerts page!!

You may be asking yourself, “What IS a House Concert?”  Good question!

IT’S A BLAST!!...that’s what!

A house concert is just that, a concert at your house!!

It could also be any space that you have access to that is suitable for at least 20 participants to gather in a direct viewing situation for an organized performance. It’s like bringing the formal venue to you!

The key here is that you’ll be hosting a SHOW. This is not a party, or other social event that happens to have live music, the point of the event is to showcase the performer….in this case MICHAELLA!!

As mentioned, these shows will be donation based, with no suggested amount given. Upon completion of the show, the host will address the audience with an appropriate vessel in hand to receive donations and encourage that participants place donations of any size that suits them in the vessel that will be left at the foot of the “stage” There will be an option available for individuals to make donations electronically, however cash is recommended.

There will also be merchandise available to purchase.

There need be no expense incurred by the host. There is no expectation that beverages or snacks be provided. We suggest in fact, that the host opens it up to their friends and family as a pot luck, or picnic affair and BYOB. It’s entirely up to the host as to how to proceed. We will discuss this aspect thoroughly during the booking process.

These are not high volume events, but we will use a PA system, so be sure to invite your neighbors!!

These shows are a whole lot of fun, very engaging and something you will remember and talk about for years to come!

The majority of these shows will be Michaella solo, however for larger audiences and space, she will perform with the full band. We will discuss this option with you at booking.


·       MINIMUM 20 Adults (Children who can sit attentively through an hour long performance are welcome)

·       Dedicated viewing area with direct line of sight to performer.

·       This is a SHOW not ambient or background entertainment!

·       The show will be approximately an hour long.

·       Donations requested post show.

Click HERE to request a date and arrange a show for yourself